Toast grated coconut and it turns into coconut butter | Kerisik - How to [Nyonya Cooking]

Kerisik is a condiment made of grated coconut which is toasted. It is the secret to the nutty caramelized flavour to perfect rendang. Kerisik is known as coconut butter due to its fragrance and natural oil.

Kerisik, made of toasted grated coconut goes perfectly well with the caramelized curry known as ‘[rendang](’. Besides ‘rendang’, other dishes such as ‘[nasi ulam](’, ‘nasi kerabu’ and ‘serunding’ (spiced grated coconut) uses this special ingredient too. It is used for its fragrance, creamy flavour and natural preservative function. Dishes which have kerisik added to them last longer. This is a little trick used back in the days when refrigerators weren t widely available.

### Can the toasted coconut be blended?
### Store-bought vs. homemade kerisik
### Tips to make tasty kerisik
### How to ensure kerisik lasts longer?
### Frozen kerisik
### How to make kerisik without freshly grated coconut?

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