Re Use Of Karwa (Clay Pot)

Karwa Chauth Is A Festival Which Is Celebrated Once In Every Year In Autumn By Married Women For Health And Prosperity Of Their Husband s. Karwa Means Clay Pot And Chauth Means Four. Women Do Fast From Sunrise To Moonrise. Women Fill Karwa With Water And Worshipping The Mood God. Women Break Their Fast Only After Seeing The Moon God.

You Can Use That Karwa (Earthen Pot) For Planting Plants Like Succulents, Small Size Cactus, Baby Sunrose, Mini Sygnoium, Ruby Leaf Plant, Dwarf Snake, Dwarf Aloe, Mini Bonsai, Baby Adenium Etc. Which Is Small In Size And Can Be Prune And Kept As Small.

Do Not Forget To Make Drainage Hole.

For Potting Mix Take One Part Soil, Half Sand, Half Cocopeat, Half Compost.

Plant, Plant In Middle So You Can Water From Side. You Can Buy Plain Pot And Can Decorate. Decorate With Some Pebbles Too, It Will Give Beautiful Look To Your Pot.


Happy Decorating