Paneer Crust Pizza | No Bread Pizza | Pizza on Paneer | Chef Sanjyot Keer

Written Recipe for Paneer Crust Pizza

For making the herbed paneer crust
• Milk 2 litre
• Oregano 1 tsp
• Red chilli flakes 1 tsp
• Fresh basil leaves 3-4 leaves. (chopped)
• Salt to taste
• Vinegar 3 tbsp
• Water 4 tbsp
• Refined flour slurry:
1. Refined flour ½ cup
2. Water as required
3. Salt & pepper to taste
• Breadcrumbs 1 cup
• Oil for deep frying
• Take a clean stock pot, add milk and switch on the flame and keep it on medium heat, stir and bring to a boil, once boiled, low down the flame and add the oregano, red chilli flakes, freshly chopped basil leaves and salt to taste, mix well, stir and cook for last 3-4 minutes.
• In a separate small bowl, add vinegar and water, mix well and add the mixture, slowly and gradually to the boiling milk, the milk will start to curdle and the whey will start to separate.
• Once the milk solids have separated from the whey, strain it by passing through a sieve, wash the collected milk solids with fresh water to remove the sour taste of vinegar.
• Further divide them in two equal halves, put one half in one muslin cloth and remaining half in second muslin cloth, shape it in square and fold the cloth tightly from ends keeping the square shape intact, further keep it over each other in the sieve and place a heavy object over it for at least 1-2 hour, to remove excess whey and to form its shape.
• After 1-2 hour of rest, remove the cloth and your herbed paneer is ready to be used, keep aside for further use.
• Make a smooth refined flour slurry, by adding refined flour and water, mix well to ensure no lumps, further add salt & pepper to taste.
• Add salt & pepper to breadcrumbs and mix well.
• Now, dip and coat the herbed paneer slab in refined flour slurry, then crumb it well with breadcrumbs and deep fry them in hot oil, on medium high heat, until crisp and golden brown.
• Your herbed paneer pizza crust is ready.

For making the pizza
• Herbed paneer crust
• Pizza sauce
• Mozzarella cheese
• Veggies:
1. Bell peppers (diced)
2. Onions (petals, diced)
3. Corn (boiled)
• Apply pizza sauce over the paneer crust, top it with some mozzarella cheese and veggies, and bake them in oven for 5 mins at 200℃, you can also cook it on pan by covering it until cheese melts.
• Your paneer crust pizza is ready, cut into desired shape and slices and share with your families and friends. You can choose to tweak the topping as per your preference.

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