Indonesian Street Food - Savory Egg and Lamb Martabak

In Indonesia, the Murtabak is one of the most popular street foods and is known as "martabak". There are two Indonesian versions: a sweet one, and a savory one with egg and meat.

The common ingredients of Indonesian egg martabak, besides the dough, is seasoned ground meat (beef, chicken or mutton (lamb)), sliced green onions, some herbs (optional), beaten eggs, salt and potatoes. Some street vendors mix the ground beef with curry seasoning. In Indonesia, the common spices to make the seasoned ground meat are shallots, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, some salt and sometimes a little bit of monosodium glutamate. All the spices are ground or minced and stir-fried altogether. Some martabak makers add extra ingredients and other varieties to make their martabak unique, but they all share the same main dough. To sauté martabak, the chef uses a very large flat frying pan or iron griddle. Usually they use vegetable oil to sauté, but it is not uncommon to use ghee or butter too.

Before serving, martabak usually is cut into portions. Savoury versions of martabak in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore usually is served with pickled condiments consisting of diced cucumber, sliced carrot, shallots and sliced chillies in sweetened vinegar. In Malaysia, Singapore and some areas in Sumatra, martabak is served with kari (curry) gravy. In Palembang, another variety to serve martabak is with curry (usually diced potatoes in beef curry) and topped with chillies in sweet-sour soy sauce.