How To Grow Mesembryanthemum/Ice Plants From Harvested Seeds

Mesembryanthemum Also Called Ice Plant, Baraf Plant (Hindi) Is A Beautiful Winter Flowering Plant Which You Can Easily Grow From Seeds. White Dot On Leaves Is Looks Like Ice Crystal That s Why It s Called Ice Plants. This Beautiful Flowering Plants Comes In Different Colors And Shades Which Suitable For Growing In Pots And In Land. If You Wants To Cover Your Whole Garden With Flowers Ice Plant Is Good Choice. You Can Also Harvests It s Seeds And You Can Easily Grow Your Harvest In Next Season.

How To Grow Ice Plant From Seeds:-

1. Prepare Seedlings First So You Can Easily Transplant In Your Favorite Place Or Pot Or You Can Also Gifts Them.

2. For Sowing Seeds Use One Part Cocopeat, Half Sand, Half Compost Mix. If Your Seedlings Die Due To Fungal Infection Everytime You Can Mix One Tea Spoon Fungicide In It.

3. Select Five Inch Pot Or More Size For Sowing Seeds Or You Can Also Use Seedlings Tray. Cover Pot With Broken Piece Of Clay Pot If Drainage Holes Are Big In Size. In Seedlings Tray And Small Holes Drainage Pot No Need To Cover Holes.

4. Fill Pot With Above Mix. Keep One Or Two Inch Gap For Watering. Sprinkled Seeds On Potting Mix. Ice Plant Seeds Are Very Tiny So No Need To Cover The Seeds.

5. You Can Use Bottom Tray For Watering Or You Can Water With Shower. Do Not Give Water Forcefully. Water In Bottom Tray. Potting Mix Will Absorbs Water Within Few Mints.

6. Keep Potting Mix Always Moist And Keep Pot In Full Sunlight.

7. When Seedlings Have True Leaves At That Time You Can Easily Transplant Them.

8. You Can Grow Three Seedlings In Ten Inch Pot Or You Can Use Wide Pots And You Can Plant Many. Keep Two To Three Inch Gap Between Each Seedlings.

9. For Transplanting Use One Part Soil, Half Sand, Half Compost, Half Cocopeat, One Handful Neem Khal And Tea Spoon Bone Meal.

10. Make Sure Pot Have Drainage Hole And Do Not Forget To Cover Drainage Holes So Excess Water Can Drain Out Easily And Not Potting Mix.

11. Pinch Leaves After True Leaves From Top So Plant Will Produce Multiple Stems And Multiple Stems Will Result In More Blooms.

12. Ice Plant Don t Need Much Fertilizer But You Can Give One Handful Vermi Compost With Tea Spoon Bone Meal Every Fifteen To Twenty Day s For Good Growth.

13. Do Not Put Plant In Shade. Ice Plant Needs Good Amount Of Sunlight For Continues Blooms. Ice Plant Don t Blooms In Shade.

14. If Your Plant Is Small Pinch Bud. Do Not Allow Flowering In Small Plants Also Don t Allow Plant To Produce Seedpod Early. Pinch Blooms When Wither. Allow Plants To Produce Seeds When Season Are About To End. Harvest And Enjoy More Blooms In Next Season.

Ice Plant/Mesembryanthemum Seeds Harvesting Link:-


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