How To Grow Coriander/Cilantro/Dhaniya In Container/Cane Baskets

How To Grow Coriander/Cilantro/Dhaniya In Container/Cane Baskets


Coriander Also known As Cilantro Or Chinese Parsley And Dhaniya In Hindi, Is An Herb. All Parts Of The Coriander Plant Are Edible But The Fresh Leaves And The Dried Seeds Are The Parts Most Traditionally Used In Cooking.

Health Benefits:

The Health Benefits Of Coriander Include Its Use In The Treatment Of Skin Inflammation, High Cholesterol Levels, Diarrhea, Mouth Ulcers, Anemia, And Indigestion. Cilantro Is Also Useful For Menstrual Disorders, Smallpox, Conjunctivitis, Skin Disorders, And Blood Sugar Disorders, While Also Benefiting Eye Care.

How To Grow Fresh Coriander At Home:

1. Brought Good Quality Seeds From Market.
Whole Coriander Seeds Have Two Seeds In It. Split With Using Stone Or Slippers.

2. Put Seeds On Surface Or Any Plat. Put Stone Or Slipper On Seeds And Twirl Smoothly. We Don t Want To Make Powder So Do Not Put Much Pressure.

3. Make Organic Potting Mix For Coriander Or You Can Use One Part Soil, Half Sand, Half Cocopeat, Half Compost.

4. You Can Grow Coriander In Container Even In Cane Baskets.

5. Cover Drainage Hole With Broken Piece Of Clay Pot Or Stone If You Are Using Pot. Cover Cane Baskets With Any Clothes Which Is Transparent.

6. Fill With Organic Potting Mix.

7. Sprinkled Seeds On Potting Mix. Make Sure Each Seeds Have Some Gap. Do Not Overlapped Seeds.

8. Cover With Thin Layer Of Potting Mix.

9. Give Water And Put In Sunlight.

10. Keep Soil Always Moist.

11. Fertilize After Every Fifteen Day s With One Handful Vermi Compost. Do Not Dig Up The Soil Just Mulch With Vermi Compost Or You Can Soak Vermi Compost In Water For 24 Hours And Give That Water To The Plants

12. Start Spraying Neem Oil 5ml Liquid Soap 5ml In One Liter Water After True Leaves, Every Seven Day s For No Pest Attack Or For Healthy Cilantro.

13. Harvest Fresh After Plant Is Three To Four Inches In Heights. You Can Harvest First True Leaves Which Is Delicious. Do Not Harvest Cilantro With Roots Just Cut Leaves, This Way You Can Harvest Three To Four Times Again.

Organic Potting Mix:


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Geeta Athwal

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Geeta Athwal

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