How to Debone a Chicken Breast

Learn how to remove the breastbone in three easy steps.

Boneless chicken breasts might be the most versatile cut of poultry. But buying boneless chicken breasts from the grocery store gets pricey in a hurry. Fortunately you can save money by removing the bones yourself. In this video, you ll learn how to debone a chicken breast, removing the breast meat from the bone in just three easy steps. And the only tools you ll need are a clean cutting board and a sharp knife with a narrow blade. You ll get tips for handling your knife safely and for prepping your chicken breasts. You ll see the easiest technique for removing the breast meat from the rib bones. You can do so much with low-fat boneless chicken breasts: stuff, grill, sauté, slice up for stir fries, cube for skewers, and more. Plus, when you remove the bone from the breast meat, you ll have bones left over for making chicken stock.

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