#CakeTalk Episode 29!

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(In the order I answered them)

1) Any tips on making the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mega Cake?

2) What inspired you to bake? Also, do you have any tips for anyone who wants to bake as a career?

3) How many orders can you handle per week?

4) When you decide on a cake, do you draw up the idea or create some type of "vision board" as a guide that will help you stay on track. Or do you just depend on what you pull up on your phone?

5) I m struggling with smooth Italian meringue butter cream in cold weather even when i think I have my butter soft enough. Any tips?!

6) Favorite flavor of icing?

7) Who is your favorite singer/ band/song?

8) In your opinion, what s the best way to store your left over cake?

9) Do you have any tips on how to care for a stand mixer?

10) What is your favourite sport in the olympics?

11) What s the furthest you traveled with a cake?

12) What brand do you use for your cake pans?

13) Who do really want to do a collab with?

14) Can you make an Ice Cream tutorial?

15) How many concentrated coffee should I add to 4lbs of your cake?

16) How do you record the parts of your video when you are baking the cake in the oven?

17) Favourite ice cream flavour?

18) Is Walter still in the fridge?

19) What kind of legacy do you want to leave for your children?

20) What is your favourite memory in the kitchen?

21) What do you do in your spare time?

22) Could you make a Harry Potter themed cake? Maybe based on the new book?

23) What’s the difference between Italian Meringue Buttercream and Swiss Buttercream?

24) What was it like to work with Elise from My Cupcake Addiction?

25) Any advice for the next generation stepping into the baking industry?

26) Why does Jocelyn not show her face on How To Cake It?