#CakeTalk Episode 25

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(In the order I answered them)

1) Who is your favourite YouTuber?

2) How many people are on the How To Cake It team?

3) At Camp Cake will you be teaching us how to make the icing and fondant? Or do we have to buy them?

4) What do you like about your career?

5) Do you bake everyday? Or do you just bake for How To Cake It?

6) Is Camp Cake going to be a visual video chat with you and all the other viewers? Or just you?

7) Are you planning to make your t-shirts available in the UK?

8) How did you make the water on Yo’s awesome shark cake?

9) What cake would you suggest that you have made on How To Cake It that would be easy for a child/teen?

10) Do you recommend using dowels for the Waltermelon cake? Since its higher than 6 inches?

11) When I put the sprinkles on top of my white cupcake (it was cooled already) then I put it in a cupcake tower then I sealed it with a clear wrap then after a while the cupcakes got soggy then the sprinkles spread a little of its color then in the appearance it looked wet. Why did it become soggy and the color spread??

12) What supplies are needed for Camp Cake?

13) Every time I bake cakes and when I try to level them they always crumble…any tips?

How To Cake It

348 receitas
Categoria: Lanches

How To Cake It

348 receitas
Categoria: Lanches