How To Make The Authentic Ghana Okra Light Soup With Chicken | Okra Pepper Soup | Chicken Okra Soup

Growing up this Okra Light Soup was my grandmother’s favorite. She made it with fresh fish and as I was enjoying it I felt a tiny bone go down my throat and I did not like Okra light soup anymore?but as an Adult I make it my way and now I’m really enjoying it again. I hope you will enjoy this recipe ?✌?❤️

To Season and Steam Chicken
Whole Chicken
Onion - Half of a Large Onion
1 - Spice Blend Cube
Ginger - About a thumb size
1 1/2 - Habanero or Scotch Bonnet or tt
3 - Garlic Cloves or tt
1tbsp - Rosemary or tt
1tsp - Aniseed or tt
Chicken Seasoning - tt
Salt - tt

For Soup
1 - Large Red Bell Pepper (Optional)
1 - Tomatoes
1 - Onion Large
1 - Habanero or Scotch Bonnet tt

To Cook Okra
2-4cups - Okra after cutting
About a thumb size Ginger
A pinch of Baking Soda for draw (Optional)
Water - Add more water for light soup and less water for thick soup

tt means To Taste

Chicken Seasoning Recipe ??

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Sweet Adjeley

227 receitas
Categoria: Lanches

Sweet Adjeley

227 receitas
Categoria: Lanches