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Learn how to make Salt And Pepper Chicken Recipe with our chef Varun Inamdar.

Looking for an easy Chicken snack recipe for you and your family?
This delicious Salt And Pepper Chicken would give your usual takeaway Chicken recipes a new twist! Chicken breast pieces seasoned and fried in mixed chillies and onions.This Chicken snack recipe is quick, easy and perfect for kids during this lock down period. A perfect Chicken recipe to enjoy for your kids and family!

- 1 cup Refined Flour
- 1/2 cup Corn flour
- 2 tbsp Ginger- Garlic paste
- 1 tbsp Soy Sauce
- Salt
- Black Pepper (crushed)
- 1 Egg
- 1/4 cup Water
- Chicken Breast (dices)
- Oil
- 1 tbsp Oil
- 1/2 cup Assorted Bell Peppers (chopped)
- 1/4 cup Spring Onion
- 1/4 tbsp Black Pepper
- 1/4 tsp Salt

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784 receitas
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Get Curried

784 receitas
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