Let’s make 3 plant based Milk recipes // Pistachios / TigerNuts/ Cashew Nuts ✔️ Vegan✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to prepare the tastiest and healthiest Gari Fortor✔️Gari Jollof✔️Gluten free // Ndudu by Fafa The only way you should cook your Tuna and Vegetables stew recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa Quick Wagashi and Spinach stew✔️ A healthy Vegetarian West African dish ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to prepare the tastiest Corned Beef stew each time ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa A West African Red Curry ✔️Umami flavours✔️ How to use West African spices tutorial✔️?Ndudu by Fafa How to make the perfect Stuffed Meat Potato Balls ✔️ Crunchy and delicious // Ndudu by Fafa The easiest, ONE ingredient Evaporated Milk recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Let’s make the Ghanaian Chibom (Omelette) with salted Beef ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to prepare the tastiest & crunchiest Southern Fried Chicken recipe ✔️ Explained in detail✔️Ndudu How to make the tastiest Protein packed West African steamed spiced Beans ✔️MOINMOIN✔️Ndudu by Fafa Incredible Vegan Plantain & Beans recipe ✔️ Yor-ke-Gari / Ayi kpl3 Abladzo ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make a Traditional West African Pilaf rice recipe ✔️A healthier recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to make an all natural smoked Fish stock recipe✔️Ndudu by Fafa Asparagus, Ginger & Pea soup recipe✔️Gluten free ✔️Vegetarian✔️Nutritious✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to be creative with Stale Bread //incredible recipe ideas✔️ Budget friendly snack✔️Ndudu by Fafa Let’s make a No Yeast quick Dry Doughnut recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make homemade Condensed Milk ✔️2 ingredients ✔️Easy step by step guide✔️Ndudu by Fafa KELEWELE✔️The classic Ghanaian spiced Plantain, snack ✔️Gluten free✔️Vegetarian✔️Ndudu by Fafa Make this delicious WARM Asparagus shaving salad✔️ Quick & Nutritious✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Is Ndudu by Fafa over? What’s next? Easy Hand cut, Yam French Fries recipe ✔️works with Potatoes ✔️Ndudu by Fafa Let’s cook a simple and perfect Steak✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make the perfect Corned Beef Ghana Meat Pie✔️Easy step by step guide ✔️NDUDU BY FAFA Picnic in my Garden✔️NDUDU BY FAFA How to make GREEK Yoghurt at home with only 2 ingredients without a machine✔️from scratch ✔️Ndudu How to prepare the tastiest West African minced MEAT RICE ✔️Quick and easy recipe✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make the all natural tastiest GREEN CHILLI SAUCE recipe ✔️perfect marinade ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to cook the tastiest Curry Coconut Rice// Easy ✔️Step by Step guide✔️Ndudu by Fafa The healthiest West African Millet drink called ZomKom/ZomKoum✔️A quick Gluten free recipe✔️ALKALINE Easy Plantain and Beans Fritters ✔️Gluten free✔️Vegetarian-Ndudu The easiest way to make Cottage Cheese and how to add natural flavours ✔️Ndudu by Fafa Step by step guide to making WAGASHI/Wara/Woagachi (the West African fried Cheese) ✔️ COTTAGE CHEESE Let’s make this Easy Chicken Cakes packed with West African flavours ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make the tastiest and perfect Chicken Pan fried PIES ✔️ Step by step guide ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to preserve your Chicken for longer ✔️ TASTIEST CHICKEN CONFIT RECIPE ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa AYAMASE ✔️How to make West Africa’s DESIGNER stew ✔️ A Nigerian inspired recipe ✔️NDUDU BY FAFA EP 4 HOW TO MAKE THE TASTIEST & QUICKEST Chicken Stir Fry Recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa EP 3 How to make CRISPY fried Oyster Mushrooms ✔️Like fried Chicken ✔️ Vegetarian✔️ NDUDU BY FAFA EP2 Tastiest CREAMY Tomato Soup ✔️ Lactose free & nutrient packed NDUDU BY FAFA EP1 Easy way to make BANKU mix ✔️ includes hacks to preserving your dough✔️NDUDU BY FAFA ✔️ Easy Crispy Pork belly recipe ✔️ includes the perfect spices for Pork ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Authentic Koklo Fetri Toto recipe ✔️ Okro soup with Chicken ✔️ Ewe language ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa The hidden traditional Okra soup recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa ✔️ English version The best Lemon ‘Chicken’ recipe ever using GUINEA FOWL WINGS ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Whole CAULIFLOWER roast// How to throw a Vegetarian feast for Christmas ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make Garlic Butter Oil with only 3 ingredients Easy & Quick ✔️How to make the tastiest and aromatic Curry Oil recipe JAPANESE FRIED RICE RECIPE ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa To Brine or Spice Fish before frying? Which works best? THE PERFECT FRIED FISH RECIPE✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to cook the tastiest aromatic GARLIC FRIED RICE ever ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to slow roast the PERFECT Garlic recipe // Ndudu by Fafa Quick and tasty Eggs and Egusi stew✔️includes a bonus recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa Discover the secrets to making the tastiest Homemade Egg Mayonnaise ever ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Tastiest Nigerian Coconut & Chicken RICE ✔️ An Easy and Quick One Pot Dish ✔️Ndudu By Fafa How to make Tiger Nut Milk & Gluten free Custard ✔️ Atadwe Milk✔️ Nut allergy free How to make a simple and impressive Focaccia bread recipe Baked whole Wild Sea Bass feast for Thanksgiving KELEWELE KOKO RECIPE ✔️ SPICED ripened Plantain porridge ✔️ Sugar & Gluten FREE How to make ✔️ CRISPY CORNED BEEF STIR FRY✔️quick and tastiest JOLLOF RICE stir fry Discover how to make the Tastiest and HeALthiest CHICKEN Light SOUP ✔️ includes a bonus recipe Let’s make the tastiest ONE PAN EGG TOAST recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Make this AMAZING CORNED BEEF FILLING RECIPE ✔️ perfect for stir fries and Pies ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Discover how to cook the perfect Bulgar Wheat Jollof recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa Tastiest Ghanaian and Persian RICE ✔️ Agwa Mo ✔️ AN EASY TO FOLLOW ONE POT dish for the FaMiLy How to make the tastiest PEANUT Butter soup recipe ✔️with Winter immune boosting spices THE FIRST WAAKYE TUO RECIPE ✔️ Rice and Beans balls // WaaKyE balls How to make an immune boosting porridge for breakfast ✔️ Quick & Gluten-free ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to add FLaVourS to your condensed MilK ToFfEe THE AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS OF SORGHUM LEAVES ✔️ WAAKYE LEAVES // includes a Rice and Beans recipe Let’s make this quick Vegetarian Shawarma for lunch✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Super healthy OKRA & GARDEN EGGS / EGG PLANT STEW ✔️?? BHINDI/ LADYS FINGERS /OCHRO HOW TO MAKE A QUICK AND TASTY GARDEN EGGS / EGG PLANT STEW 3 nutrient packed SPICE & HERB Blends for Fish, Meat and Poultry ✔️ NDUDU BY FAFA Let’s make the popular Togolese SPAGHETTI SALAD RECIPE ✔️ West African Cuisine ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make the perfect French style Egg Mayonnaise ✔️includes tips and hacks ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to make the perfect French Baguette at home✔️Easy to follow step by step guide ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to cook BAMBARA BEANS with Rice✔️Okpa/Nyimo Beans/ Ntoyo Cibemba/Izinblubu ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa PROPER WAAKYE STEW RECIPE ✔️ How to get that distinctive Zongo flavoured stew WELCOME TO THE INNOVATIVE AFRICAN COOKING CHANNEL ( NDUDU BY FAFA) Super healthy CARROT GREENS STEW✔️ PALAVA SAUCE✔️ EGUSI SOUP✔️ NDUDU BY FAFA PERFECT ROAST CHICKEN RECIPE ✔️ includes hacks, spices, carving and HoW to SeRvE✔️ QUICK CHICKEN BRINE RECIPE ✔️ Includes tHe best Spices to use ✔️ Moist Roast Chicken SHOULD YOU CLEAN OR WASH YOUR CHICKEN ✔️ BENEFITS & DiSAdVatAgEs PEANUT PORRIDGE ✔️ How to add new flavours to your ToMBrOwN ✔️Healthy breakfast Let’s make different flavours of Hibiscus Drink✔️ ZObO✔️BisSaP✔️Sorrel ✔️Sobolo ?? Ndudu by Fafa GRILLED FIG RECIPE ✔️ How to add flavours and the best pairing ingredients to use How to Fry the perfect whole FISH RECIPE ✔️ includes How I prep and spice my FiSH for frying HOW TO MAKE THE TASTIEST GRILLED TILAPIA STEW RECIPE ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO STIR FRY OKRA PERFECTLY ✔️ A TASTY AND HEALTHY VEGETARIAN DISH THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF KENKEY JUICE ✔️ includes a secret ingredient for younger LoOKINg skin ✔️ The side dishes to serve alongside your Jollof Rice ✔️ How to throw down a JOLLOF RICE party #Ndudu HOW TO prepare the Ultimate tasty Jollof Rice ✔️ Party Jollof Recipe // Ndudu by Fafa Let’s make the tastiest SMOKED TURKEY stew for a JOLLOF RICE PARTY (EP 1) Classic Refreshing Strawberry Lemonade with hints of Rosemary recipe Let’s cook the tastiest Tiger Prawns / Shrimp stir fry recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa GRILLED MACKEREL & FENNEL SALAD. RECIPE // OMEGA 3✔️ PROMOTES SKIN GLOW HOW I SEASONED MY WOK FOR THE FIRST TIME REVIEW HOW YOU SHOULD MAKE THE PERFECT CORN FRITTERS EACH TIME THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF THE AFRICAN BITTER COLA - HOW I CREATED MY OWN WEST AFRICAN TEA RECIPE THE TASTIEST ALL NATURAL ADEME SOUP RECIPE // IMMUNE BOOSTING ✔️ EWEDU // JUTE LEAVES ✔️ MOLOKHIA Let’s make this traditional steamed SMOKED CORN & BEANS RECIPE ✔️DJONGOLI ✔️ TOGO✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE EASIEST & TASTIEST WAY TO MAKE CHICKEN PEANUT BUTTER SOUP How to make the perfect SCRAMBLED EGGS RECIPE ✔️ Ghana style How to make your own perfect Cream Cheese using 1 ingredient ✔️ A step by step guide✔️Ndudu by Fafa The healthiest WEST AFRICAN Superfood ✔️ FONIO & MILLET JOLLOF recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Make this delicious CHICKEN YASSA (POULET YASSA) WITH FONIO - better than Quinoa HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT TOMATO SALAD Quick Refreshing, classic LEMONADE infused with Rosemary recipe MY SIGNATURE BOLOGNESE SAUCE FROM SCRATCH ✔️ includes secret ingredients, spices & herbs ✔️ How to make the tastiest SaLtEd FISh ARANCINI BALLS KOOBI FRIED RICE ✔️ HOW TO PREPARE THE TASTIEST SALTED FISH PILAF/ PILAU RICE (ANGWA MO WITH KOOBI) HOW I MADE MY FIRST OMELETTE SOUFFLÉ RECIPE (POSH CHIBOM) ✔️ HOW TO MAKE A QUICK AND TASTY FISH PIE / TURNOVER✔️Ndudu by Fafa Authentic Ghanaian Eto ✔️Sweet & Spiced Plantain mash recipe // Ndudu by Fafa THE FIRST EVER GREEN PLANTAIN AKARA RECIPE Easy Caramel Bread recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE EASIEST WAY OF MAKING FURA/FULA - ( BAJRE // MILLET DUMPLING) - Tips and different method HOW TO MAKE CASSAVA / MUGO OR YUCA CHIPS - WITH A SMOKY FLAVOUR// Gluten free snack How to make the traditional GHANA ?? ✔️PEANUT ABOM RECIPE ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make an authentic Ghanaian Spinach Abom in a Clay bowl ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO MAKE THE GHANAIAN COCONUT BISCUIT IN A HEALTHIER WAY (SAME TASTE) How to cook the tastiest ALL NATURAL flavour Goat Meat Stew ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa✔️Super tasty Let’s make a Quick Gluten free BANANA CAKE ✔️ without a mixer ✅ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO GRILL A WHOLE SEABASS PERFECTLY with an incredible Asian sauce HOW TO MAKE RICE AND PEAS // Jamaican style HOW TO MAKE GREEN PLANTAIN PORRIDGE - Gluten and lactose free HOW TO COOK THE TASTIEST GHANAIAN BEANS STEW RECIPE How to make an all Natural tasting Tomato sauce✔️ Passata✔️ Homemade// Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO COOK THE QUICKEST YAM STIR FRY RECIPE HOW TO MAKE this super healthy PURPLE CABBAGE Banku/Fufu recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa EKOAGBEMI /EKUEGBEEMIN / EKUEGBEMLIN - A GHANAIAN CORN MEAL PORRIDGE RECIPE ?? Corn grits Cook your COD FISH in this amazing West African Lemon sauce ✔️ COD (MORUE) YASSA RECIPE HOW TO MAKE AN OMELETTE // Easy and Quick recipe (CHIBOM) ?? CLEANING MY KITCHEN ✔️ How to disinfect your surfaces ✔️ Suggestions on how to keep your home clean How to / prepare this high antioxidant PURPLE CABBAGE PORRIDGE RECIPE ✔️Ndudu by Fafa PERI PERI LEMON RICE ✔️ QUiCk and Tasty Recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa TASTIEST PERI PERI CHICKEN RECIPE including Peri Peri sauce made from scratch ✔️Ndudu by Fafa Cook with me//One pot OIL FREE Okro soup recipe✔️ includes a bonus Brown Rice Banku✔️Ndudu by Fafa Gari & Shito ✔️ inspired by the classic West African boarding school dish ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Let’s make the classic Ghanaian Gari Fortor with a healthier twist ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO MAKE SALTED ANCHOVIES STIR FRY ( KETA SCHOOL BOYS) ✔️ Abobi Tadi ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF TURMERIC ✔️ includes an immune boosting shot recipe HOW TO MAKE GRILLED LIVER MOIST // how to spice Liver perfectly The healthiest West African Pepper soup recipe ✔️Flu remedy✔️includes the health benefits of Prekese How to make the tastiest ONE POT Chicken L’ORANGE ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO MAKE THE AUTHENTIC GHANAIAN GROUNDNUT SOUP // Ground breaking method (NKATIE KWAN) Let’s make this Super healthy Millet Stir Fry✔️ Gluten free ✔️ Ndudu by Faf Use your Cassava biscuit (Ewe biscuit) for this NO BAKE Cheesecake recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO USING SPICES EP 2 (GRAINS OF SELIM/ HWENTIA/ ETSO/ UDA) MY NATURAL SKINCARE ROUTINE How to cook the tastiest Sea Bream recipe each time✔️5 spice aromatic flavour ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make a spiced COFFEE & WALNUT CAKE recipe ✔️CAFÉ TOUBA✔️ Senegal ?? ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to cook the PERFECT BROCCOLI✔️STIR FRY✔️with spiced OYSTER MUSHROOMS✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make the tastiest GBOMA (Garden Egg leaves) STEW RECIPE ✔️Ndudu by Fafa Make the tastiest CHICKEN GIZZARD STIR FRY ever✔️Easy to follow Step By Step GuiDe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE QUICK OVEN GRILLED TILAPIA WITH A SMOKY TASTE Step by step guide to perfecting MASA/ WAINA ( The Gluten free West African Crumpet)✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE EXTREMELY SOFT & FLUFFY PLANTAIN BRIOCHE BREAD RECIPE. A MUST WATCH How to cook the perfect and tastiest GOAT MEAT stew // Ndudu by Fafa The only way you should enjoy Monkfish ✔️ Monkfish Tail Curry recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE EVERGREEN AUTHENTIC OKRO SOUP RECIPE - A PESCATARIAN RECIPE THE HEALTHIEST RED FINGER MILLET PORRIDGE YOU NEED TO TRY - WEIGHT LOSS THE SMOKY JOLLOF FRIED RICE RECIPE YOU NEED TO TRY The tastiest and best way to cook your Ribs ✔️ Quick and easy recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO MAKE THE QUICKEST JOLLOF RICE RECIPE - IDEAL RECIPE FOR STUDENTS How to make the tastiest homemade CHILLI SAUCE that doubles up as a MARINADE ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE AMAZING WAY TO ENJOY OKRO AS A SNACK HOW TO COOK THE TASTIEST RED RICE WITH SARDINES Let’s decorate a Christmas fruit cake ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to make STICKY COCONUT RICE Stuffing recipe CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN ✔️ How to spice and fry the perfect CHiCkEn HOW TO ROAST THE PERFECT WHOLE GUINEA FOWL WITH STUFFING How to set up an intimate Dinner party table ✔️ includes inspiring ideas THE BEST WAY TO COOK & ENJOY THE GHANAIAN BROWN RICE Let’s make incredible West African Canapés ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa MEET MY GUEST - UNEXPECTED REVELATIONS (NATASHA NYANIN ,CREATIVE CONSULTANT) EP 2 MY INFORMAL CHAT WITH NATASHA NYANIN - THE GHANAIAN - USA BASED CREATIVE CONSULTANT (WRITER) THE PERFECT WAY TO BAKE POUSSIN Let’s make an all Natural flavour packed West African Red CHICKEN & EGG STEW recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to prepare the tastiest traditional / Ghana ?? MIXED FISH OKRO SOUP RECIPE✔️Ndudu by Fafa Easy battered and CRISPY fish recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS CAKE RECIPE PART 1 THE QUICKEST SUYA / YAJI SPICE MIX RECIPE - BONUS (3 NEW FLAVOURS ADDED) THE CREAMIEST GHANAIAN WHEAT PORRIDGE WITHOUT MILK DISCOVER THE BEST WAY TO GRILL AND SPICE YOUR MACKEREL How to make a quick and flavour packed ✔️Smoked Guinea fowl and Spinach soup Let’s make an all natural stock using the Ghanaian salted Fish KOOBI - ?? ✔️ NDUDU BY FAFA How to make the tastiest PINEAPPLE & GINGER FRIED RICE recipe✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to cook the tastiest Waakye using Black Beans and Black Rice ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa✔️ HOW TO MAKE THE MOST FRAGRANT LIME RICE RECIPE HOW TO PREPARE - FRAGRANT FENNEL RICE // EASY TO FOLLOW STEP BY STEP GUIDE The Ghanaian & Jamaican way of frying Green Plantain - TOSTONES/TACHINOS ✔️Plantain Chips ✔️Ndudu Discover how to use Ghanaian CORN & PEANUT for a PUDDING // Ndudu by Fafa✔️ Make this easy VEGAN PawPaw//Papaya pudding ✔️Sugar free✔️Gluten Free ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa YAM & GOAT MEAT TAGINE - A NEW WEST AFRICAN RECIPE Make this almighty WEST AFRICAN, Vegetarian BURGER RECIPE ✔️Ndudu by Fafa Let’s cook Borlotti Beans using the traditional West African cooking method✔️Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO FRY YAM CHIPS PERFECTLY // CRUNCHY & FLUFFY Make this All Natural, easy and tasty Chicken stew recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE WEST AFRICAN SOUP RECIPE FOR YOUR COLDS OR FLU (SMOKY & SPICY) MPOTOMPOTO - THE AUTHENTIC GHANAIAN SWEET POTATO POTTAGE ✔️ Asaro recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa FINGER LICKING SUYA BEANS STEW RECIPE HOW TO MAKE PUFFED RICE CAKES - Easy and quick recipe THE AUTHENTIC ASAANA, LIHA, DOLO, TCHAKPALO DRINK RECIPE Let’s create different ways to use Yam and add flavours✔️Gluten free✔️WEST AFRICAN CANAPÉS How to make Gluten Free Meat pie recipe using Yam✔️Easy step by step guide ✔️NDUDU BY FAFA WHAT? A GLUTEN FREE YAM SHORTCRUST PASTRY RECIPE ? HOW TO GERMINATE CORN FOR AUTHENTIC ASAANA/ALIHA YOU NEED TO DO THIS TO YOUR YAM (A NEW GHANAIAN RECIPE )✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE AMAZING THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH YAM (A MUST TRY TECHNIQUE ) MUMS TRADITIONAL EGG STEW RECIPE THAT GOT EVERYONE EXCITED (COOKING WITH MUM EP 2) How to make the TASTIEST traditional TATALE - A West African PLANTAIN PANCAKE recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa DANCING WITH MUM TO THE NEW NDUDU BY FAFA THEME SONG COOKING with MUM✔️ How to cook an authentic ADEMÈ Desi // (MOLOKHIA / JUTE LEAVES/ EWEDU SOUP) HOW TO COOK YOUR BAMBARA BEANS (ABOBOI) PERFECTLY HOW TO PREPARE THE PERFECT MAYONNAISE EACH TIME Let’s cook the TASTIEST GRILLED CHICKEN KHEBAB recipe ✔️Easy and quick recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE MOST FLAVOURFUL STEW RECIPE EVER (HOW TO CREATE NEW FLAVOURS) EP 2 How to make the aromatic West African LEMONGRASS RICE PORRIDGE recipe ✔️ Gluten free THE AMAZING THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH LEMONGRASS How to get rid of ✔️Oven and Microwave smell✔️using natural products from the garden //Ndudu by Fafa THE BEST ?? STREET FOOD ✔️ SWEET POTATOES , CRISPY FISH &. RAW PEPPER WATERMELONADE (WATERMELON LEMONADE) RECIPE A SPECIAL JOLLOF RICE RECIPE PACKED WITH NATURAL FLAVOURS How to prepare the TASTIEST and healthier COLESLAW RECIPE EVER BEEF SHORT RIBS COOKED PERFECTLY // STEP BY STEP GUIDE INCLUDING THE PERFECT SEASONING Let’s throw down an EASY and delicious STROGANOFF RECIPE // Ndudu by Fafa Spaghetti Jollof Recipe ✔️ Tastiest recipe ever ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO ENHANCE THE FLAVOUR OF YOUR GARDEN EGG STEW (AUBERGINE/ EGG PLANT) tastiest recipe ever Gari Piñon ~ EBA ~with my famous GREEN CHILLI SAUCE and how to oven Grill the perfect Chicken✔️Ndudu THE UNBELIEVABLY TASTY STEW WITHOUT TOMATOES ✔️ONION STEW ✔️ ONION CURRY RECIPE THE GHANAIAN ONE MOUTH THOUSAND PIZZA RECIPE THE healthier FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST RECIPE YOU NEED TO TRY✔️Ndudu by Fafa Lamb Curry Recipe ✔️ Simple and flavour packed Recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO COOK THE PERFECT SCALLOPS RECIPE HOW TO COOK BLACK VENUS RICE (THE FORBIDDEN ? RICE) VEGETARIAN & GLUTEN FREE RECIPE THE UNBELIEVABLE WAY OF PREPARING THE PERFECT EGG FRIED RICE (WITH TOOLO BEEF/ SALTED BEEF) How to prepare the tastiest CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN WINGS✔️ includes a bonus CHILLI SAUCE recipe /Ndudu Let’s make the perfect refreshing, spiced Pineapple drink ✔️ Spices & Fruits ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Easy homemade Lemon Curd recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO: CRISPY BEEF RECIPE HOMEMADE GHANAIAN CUSTARD RECIPE FROM SCRATCH THE TASTIEST TABBOULEH RECIPE YOU NEED TO TRY NOW Discover how to cook the perfect Lamb Light soup recipe ✔️Pepper Soup✔️NDUDU BY FAFA Discover how to make the quickest Chocolate mug cake using Ghanaian Cocoa Powder ✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE HEALTHIEST ADEME/EWEDU SOUP RECIPE EVER ( MOLOKHIA JUTE LEAVES) GHANA, NIGERIA, TOGO (OIL FREE) HOW TO COOK THAI STICKY RICE with a West African touch ✔️Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO MAKE MAFE ( A WEST AFRICAN GROUNDNUT STEW RECIPE FROM SÉNÉGAL) THAI CRISPY FISH WITH TAMARIND SAUCE THE ONLY WAY YOU SHOULD COOK YOUR COD (A MUST TRY RECIPE ) HOW TO SPICE & FRY THE PERFECT GHANAIAN CHICKEN RECIPE How to make your own EASY and HEALTHY GRANOLA recipe at Home ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa // Gluten free YOU HAVE BEEN FRYING PLANTAIN THE WRONG WAY HOW TO COOK THE PERFECT AND TASTIEST RICE EACH TIME (USING A SECRET WEST AFRICAN INGREDIENT) HOW TO USE BLACK VELVET TAMARIND (YOR-YEE) IN 3 CREATIVE WAYS EVERYONE IS RAVING ABOUT THIS EGG STEW RECIPE (SEE WHY) NDUDU BY FAFA TWIST BEETROOT SALAD ?? Try adding these ingredients for an amazing Autumn salad THE SOFT AND PLIABLE ETEW RECIPE (STEAMED FERMENTED CORN DUMPLING) GHANA STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO MAKING YOUR OWN YOGHURT AT HOME (EASY RECIPE) Cassava Pancakes ✔️ inspired by the Ghanaian AGBELI KAKLO✔️Gluten free (YUCA/MANIOC) ✔️Ndudu by Fafa CHEWY & SOFT CARAMEL CANDY RECIPE (CONDENSED MILK TOFFEE ) EP 2 How to make FANTE FANTE (the FRESH FISH SAUCE FROM THE CENTRAL REGION OF GHANA)✔️Ndudu by Fafa CARAMEL CANDY IN DIFFERENT SHAPES (CONDENSED MILK TOFFEE FROM GHANA) How to prepare the tastiest SEAFOOD & WELE/PONMO (COW HIDE) OKRO SOUP RECIPE✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO MAKE THE TASTIEST CHICKEN FRIED RICE RECIPE (Better than TaKeOuT) ✔️ HOW TO SMOKE YOUR CHICKEN WITHOUT A SMOKER (WITH HERBS) ANGWA (COCONUT) WAAKYE ( TASTIEST RECIPE EVER *GHANA* NDUDU BY FAFA) PLUCKING ABROFO NKATIE (TROPICAL ALMONDS) IN GHANA Ghanaian recipes to try ✔️Ndudu by Fafa CAFE TOUBA (SENEGALS BEST KEPT SECRET) How to prepare the tastiest and quickest FISHERMAN SOUP RECIPE ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE GHANAIAN BEEF STEW RECIPE YOU MUST TRY (NDUDU BY FAFA) Let’s cook the tastiest Spinach and Goat Meat stew ✔️ SAAG ✔️Sagwala✔️Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO CREATE 3 DIFFERENT FLAVOURS USING SPICES FOR LAMB, GOAT MEAT & BEEF KETA SCHOOL BOYS STEW (TASTIEST DRIED ANCHOVIES STEW) ABORBI TADI (NDUDU BY FAFA) MY WEIGHT LOSS LIFESTYLE RECIPE (LOOSING THE WEIGHT AND KEEPING IT OFF) BAKED SWEET POTATO & PLANTAIN recipe ✔️ Gluten free✔️NDUDU BY FAFA GRILLED AKONFEM ✔️GUINEA FOWL✔️A NORTHERN GHANA RECIPE ✔️ includes the perfect spices to use How to prepare the SmOkiEst JOLLOF RICE RECIPE ever ✔️(NDUDU BY FAFA) Cook this healthier CRISPY GRILLED CHICKEN WINGS recipe with me✔️ Ndudu by Fafa TASTIEST MIXED MUSHROOM AYAMASE STEW (VEGETARIAN) STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO PREPARING YAKE YAKE AT HOME (CASSAVA, YUCA OR MANIOC) How to prepare the tastiest Yam pie recipe ✔️SMOKY YAM & CHEESE RECIPE (GLUTEN FREE )✔️Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO MAKE PERFECTLY SOFT BROWN BREAD EACH TIME SLOW ROASTED STUFFED CHICKEN IN A CLAY POT HOW TO PREPARE A SOFT AND PLIABLE YAM FUFU WITHOUT THE HASSLE (POUNDED YAM) DAWADAWA (FERMENTED LOCUST BEANS) & BASIL FRIED RICE (A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO USING SPICES EP 5) CHOP BAR BEEF LIGHT SOUP RECIPE (A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO USING SPICES EP 4) Let’s cook a multi seeded Ghana inspired MEAT PIE (TURNOVER) recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO FRY THE PERFECT FISH, PRAWNS & WAGASHI (THE ONLY GHANAIAN CHEESE) served with WHAT? PERFECTLY GRILLED & SPICED RED MULLET FISH RECIPE CREATIVE AFRICAN MOCKTAILS FOR CHRISTMAS VEGETARIAN & GLUTEN FREE MILLET COUSCOUS JOLLOF FROM SCRATCH INSPIRING AFRICAN TABLE SETTING IDEAS (MEFRI GHANA TABLE SETTINGS THE MUST TRY NIGERIAN CHAPMAN DRINK RECIPE ?? WEST AFRICAN DRINKS TO MAKE AT HOME (A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO USING SPICES EP 3) PREKESE INFUSED GOAT MEAT STEW (TASTIEST RECIPE EVER) GHANA STEW THE TASTIEST LASAGNE RECIPE EVER THE TASTIEST & HEALTHIEST OKRO SOUP RECIPE EVER (GUMBO/ BHINDI)✔️NDUDU BY FAFA Let’s create a FLAVOUR PACKED Rice and Beans (WAAKYE) recipe ✔️ NDUDU BY FAFA TASTIEST GHANAIAN WREWRE SOUP PACKED WITH FLAVOURS (WILD MELON SEED SOUP) THE TASTIEST GHANAIAN JOLLOF RECIPE (HOW TO BAKE YOUR JOLLOF RICE) Ghana produces the world’s best Cocoa✔️ Easy Chocolate Fondant recipe✔️Ndudu by Fafa A SURVIVORS TALE (PRECIOUS JASON ) CEO OF ETIENO SKIN CARE. HIDDEN GEM EPISODE 3 GREEN BANANA FUFU RECIPE (HOW TO PREPARE FUFU LIKE BANKU) How to cook the tastiest Ghanaian LIGHT SOUP recipe ✔️includes a super healthy ingredient✔️ Ndudu HOW TO PREPARE THE BEST CUMIN RICE RECIPE (JEERA RICE) THE TASTIEST YAM PORRIDGE RECIPE YOU NEED TO TRY (MPOTOMPOTO) HOW TO MAKE THE AUTHENTIC GHANAIAN CORN STICK RECIPE (ADUNLEE / ATSUPIPI) HOW TO OVEN GRILL THE PERFECT MACKEREL EACH TIME Let’s use ALMOND BUTTER in making the Ghanaian Groundnut soup ✔️RED CURRY RECIPE ✔️Ndudu by Fafa ACCRA (THE CAPITAL OF GHANA) FROM MY VIEW BAMBARA BEANS CASSOULET (THE FIRST GHANAIAN CASSOULET RECIPE ) MEET THE GHANAIAN DESIGNER WHO DESIGNS MY AFRICAN WEAR. SADIA SANUSI. HIDDEN GEM EP 2. HOW TO PREPARE BANKU WITHOUT FERMENTED CORN & CASSAVA DOUGH) GIRLS CAN TALK! TINA ATIEMO (HIDDEN GEMS SERIES 1) HIDDEN GEM SERIES CHUNKY GOAT PIE (TURNOVER) RECIPE MY INTERVIEW WITH BERLA MUNDI Make this healthy West African BLACK EYED BEANS & COCONUT stew ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE TASTIEST GHANAIAN RED CHILLI SAUCE EVER (KNOWN AS RAW PEPPER) STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO PREPARING THE BEST JOLLOF RICE STEW Cook your authentic Waakye with 3 types of Beans✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO SPICE & GRILL THE PERFECT SEABASS QUICK SMOKED CORN AND COCONUT SALAD (INSPIRED BY A POPULAR GHANAIAN SNACK ) TASTIEST CUCUMBER SALAD WITH PAN FRIED LIGHTLY SMOKED SALMON THE TASTIEST GHANAIAN CHICKEN SOUP EVER (EFIE AKOKO) RECIPE BORBORBOR (AKPESSE) A TRADITIONAL EWE DANCE FROM GHANA & TOGO HOW TO CHARCOAL GRILL TILAPIA FISH PERFECTLY - works with any fish NAMES OF AFRICAN FABRICS & STYLE (2018) THE BEST GHANAIAN BEANS STEW WITH TATALE ASUN RECIPE ✔️includes the health benefits of Carom seeds ✔️Tastiest spiced Goat Meat recipe ✔️Ndudu A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO USING SPICES EP1 HOW TO PREPARE THE TASTIEST GHANA WAAKYE STEW EVER - An original recipe copied by many How to make the tastiest GHANAIAN PALMNUT SOUP ✔️ABENKWAN / DEKOU DESSI/Banga soup ✔️Ndudu by Fafa FANTI KENKEY SMOOTHIE (SMOKY & GLUTEN FREE) THE AUTHENTIC ABOM RECIPE (THE KONTOMIRE OR SPINACH VERSION) THE PERFECT PALAVA SAUCE RECIPE (SPINACH SAUCE) GHANA / TOGO /NIGERIA How to prepare the TASTIEST WATERLEAF stew// (YEVU GBOMA) recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to SPATCHCOCK and spice the perfect CHICKEN ✔️Easy Oven Baked recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to make the tastiest traditional FRESH TILAPIA SOUP ✔️Akpa Desi ✔️Ndudu by Fafa How to roast your TRADITIONAL Plantain /Ghana Street Food Style ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa✔️ Kofi Brokeman SLOW COOKED PORK RIBS IN ASAANA (GHANAIAN FERMENTED CORN DRINK) TIGERNUT PORRIDGE OR PUDDING (GLUTEN AND LACTOSE FREE) WAGASHI & CUCUMBER SALAD Blue Crab STIR FRY recipe ✔️How to clean, dress & spice the popular West African CRAB✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE TASTIEST NIGERIAN GBEGIRI SOUP (SMOKY BEAN SOUP) RECIPE TASTIEST GOAT MEAT & PEPPER LIGHT SOUP My Ghana experience ✔️Ndudu by Fafa HOMEMADE CHICKEN STOCK RECIPE TASTIEST MOINMOIN RECIPE (NIGERIA ) Discover the best way to cook traditional Ewe OKRO SOUP WITH GOAT MEAT & TILAPIA✔️Ndudu by Fafa PESHWARI NAAN BREAD RECIPE Easy KARAHI INSPIRED CHICKEN STEW RECIPE ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to make the tastiest EGUSI SOUP WITH EBA RECIPE (NIGERIA) ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Incredible Plantain recipes ✔️Gluten free✔️Party Pleasing Canapés ✅ Ndudu by Fafa Make this incredible SMOKY GRILLED CHICKEN recipe with SWEET POTATOES✔️Ndudu by Fafa The easiest and tastiest way to make AGBELI KAKLO✔️ CASSAVA/YUCA/MANIOC CROQUETTES)✔️Ndudu by Fafa TASTIEST GHANA POTATO SALAD How to prepare the tastiest GHANAIAN YAM BALLS✔️ Easy to follow step by step guide ✔️Ndudu by Fafa TASTIEST GARI PIÑON RECIPE (TOGO) AHAYOE RECIPE (CANDIED & SAVOURY PLANTAIN RECIPE) STUFFED WAAKYE RECIPE (A FUSION OF A GHANAIAN & MIDDLE EASTERN DISH) KIBBEH ( STUFFED BULGAR WHEAT WITH MINCED LAMB) TASTIEST GHANAIAN CHICKEN STEW RECIPE THE TASTIEST GARDEN EGG STEW RECIPE HOW TO PREPARE THE TASTIEST GOAT MEAT LIGHT SOUP RECIPE BANANA & BAOBAB SMOOTHIE RECIPE GHANAIAN PANCAKE WITH BACON AND BURNT HONEY RECIPE TASTIEST FURA (FULA) RECIPE TASTIEST ATTIEKE (GARI) RECIPE Let’s make the traditional and tastiest GHANAIAN SALAD RECIPE EVER ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Djenkoumé (GLUTEN FREE ROASTED CORN COOKED IN A FLAVOUR PACKED TOMATO STEW) TOGOLESE RECIPE KELEWELE MUFFIN (GLUTEN FREE SPICED PLANTAIN MUFFIN) QUICKEST HAUSA KOKO RECIPE (GLUTEN FREE SPICY MILLET PORRIDGE) THE PERFECT GHANAIAN BUTTER BREAD RECIPE (AGEGE BREAD) Let’s cook traditional fragrant Jollof Rice recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO MAKE the tastiest, SPICY GREEN CHILLI SAUCE / OIL (KPAKPOSHITO) ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa How to prepare the perfect HASH BROWN RECIPE using YAM ✔️Easy Step by Step guide✔️NDUDU BY FAFA A CHAT WITH KODJO ADOVOR (1st WEST AFRICAN SOMMELIER) PART 1 TASTIEST EWA AGOYIN RECIPE TASTIEST SPINACH & SEAFOOD SOUP RECIPE (ABUNUBUNU FROM GHANA) HOW TO PREPARE THE TASTIEST FISH CAKE RECIPE PERFECT HOMEMADE TOMATO SAUCE RECIPE ✔️ Perfect recipe for StEWs and JoLLoF How to make the quickest & Tastiest BABA GANOUSH (SMOKY AUBERGINE DIP) RECIPE. 10 MUST TRY GHANAIAN DISHES (Part 1) THE TASTIEST FISH STEW PACKED WITH NATURAL FLAVOURS (NDUDU BY FAFA) TASTIEST JOLLOF ARANCINI RECIPE AROMATIC GRILLED SALMON RECIPE (SHITO LO) A GHANAIAN RECIPE SWEET ROASTED PLANTAIN MASH How to make FRESH Green PLANTAIN FUFU recipe(WITHOUT POUNDING) ✔️Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO PREPARE THE PERFECT GHANAIAN PALM NUT SOUP, ABENKWAN (BANGA SOUP) COCONUT & CASSAVA BISCUIT (STARCH / AGBELI KPORNOR) GOOD OLD ASAANA DRINK (THE GHANAIAN COCA COLA WITHOUT THE FIZZ) STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO PREPARING THE TASTIEST TUO ZAAFI RECIPE EVER GHANAIAN CHILLI BEEF & EGG FRIED RICE RECIPE THE PERFECT ANGWA MO RECIPE(SPICED OILED RICE) ABOLO OR ABLO RECIPE (GLUTEN FREE) THE TASTIEST & FLAVOUR PACKED LAMB STEW RECIPE BEST TASTING MPOTO MPOTO (YAM PORRIDGE) RECIPE How to cook the healthiest West African ADEME DESSI ✔️MOLOKHIA SOUP ✔️EWEDU RECIPE✔️Ndudu by Fafa QUICK DOUGHNUT RECIPE (BOFLOT, BOFROT, PUFF PUFF, BEIGNETS) HOW TO MAKE THE BEST TASTING HOUMOUS (A MIDDLE EASTERN DIP) HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT GHANAIAN SALTED BEEF (TOLO or TOOLOO BEEF) How to prepare the tastiest SHOKO✔️ (GHANAIAN BEEF & SPINACH STEW)✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE BEST TASTING GRILLED SNAPPER RECIPE RED BEANS WAAKYE✔️ how to get that distinctive Waakye colour without the leaves ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO PREPARE THE BEST GHANAIAN BLACK CHILLI SAUCE KNOWN AS ‘SHITO’ ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa Step by step guide to making THE PERFECT GHANAIAN MEAT PIE recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE PERFECT OKRO & GARDEN EGGS STEW KITCHEN TOUR, DANCE & RAP MUSIC (NDUDU BY FAFA) BLACKENED SUCCULENT PORK RIBS HOW TO COOK YOUR CHICKPEAS PERFECTLY SMOKY CHICKPEAS & CHORIZO SALAD HOW TO PREPARE PINKASO (CRISPY & SAVOURY HAUSA DUMPLING) HOW TO PREPARE THE PERFECT GHANAIAN SUGAR BREAD How to fry the perfect TILAPIA ✔️ served with A spicy TOMATO SAUCE and crispy Sweet Potato TASTIEST SLOW ROASTED LAMB RECIPE HOW TO COOK THE PERFECT PILAU/PILAF RICE✔️ using West African spices ✔️Ndudu by Fafa AFRICAN FASHION & MEMORIES HOW TO PREPARE THE PERFECT GHANAIAN FISH SOUP KONTOMIRE (SPINACH) JOLLOF RICE. A West African dish TASTIEST GRILLED CHICKEN RECIPE HOW TO PREPARE THE PERFECT GARI FORTOR ( GHANAIAN DISH) THE PERFECT TOM BROWN RECIPE (ROASTED CORN PORRIDGE FROM GHANA) HOW TO MAKE A PERFECT SMOKY SALSA RECIPE (SIMPLE SUPPERS EP 1) AUTHENTIC FLAT BREAD RECIPE ✔️ Homemade ✔️ Try this inventive way of adding that smoky flavour The first PLANTAIN SORBET/ ICE CREAM recipe ✔️Lactose and Gluten free✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE PERFECT CRUNCHY CASSAVA (YUCA, MANIOC) CHIPS RECIPE (MOGO) THE PERFECT CHEESE SAUCE RECIPE - EASY RECIPE Fafa Gilbert the Food writer & Explorer STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO COOKING GHANAIAN BAMBARA BEANS (ABOBOI) & TATALE . THE GHANAIAN RICE PORRIDGE ( RICE WATER RECIPE) THE PERFECT GHANAIAN, PEANUT OR GROUNDNUT SOUP RECIPE (Nkatie Kwan) ✔️Ndudu by Fafa COCOYAM (TARO) CHIPS WITH A SPINACH DIPPING SAUCE HOW TO MAKE THE BEST GHANAIAN TEA BREAD HOW TO COOK THE PERFECT GHANAIAN CHICKEN SOUP✔️Ndudu by Fafa FRENCH BAKING LESSONS HOW TO PREPARE THE PERFECT GHANAIAN OKRO SOUP RECIPE RASPBERRY LASSI RECIPE HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT KAKLO ( THE GHANAIAN PLANTAIN FRITTERS RECIPE) HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE BUTTER TASTIEST EGG NOODLES WITH HONEY GLAZED DUCK A SIMPLE FLAVOUR PACKED BLACKBERRY LASSI RECIPE THE PERFECT DRY, GHANAIAN DOUGHNUT RECIPE. (BOFLOT, BOFROT, TOGBEI, BOFROT, PUFF PUFF, BEIGNETS) THE PERFECT JOLLOF OMURICE (JAPANESE DISH OF RICE, WRAPPED IN AN OMELETTE) PERFECT GHANAIAN KHEBAB (CHINCHINGA / BEEF SUYA) How to make traditional RED RED RECIPE (GHANA, BLACK EYED BEANS & FRIED PLANTAIN )✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE PERFECT GLUTEN FREE DZOWOE OR ADAAKWA (A SPICY PEANUT BALL SNACK) THE PERFECT CLAYPOT GRILLED CHICKEN SUYA RECIPE Cook your Jollof Rice in a BANANA LEAF recipe ✔️ Using Sticky Rice ✔️Ndudu by Fafa THE PERFECT SUYA SPICE MIX OR YAJI (PEANUT BASED SPICE MIX FROM GHANA & NIGERIA) TASTIEST THIEBOUDIENNE RECIPE (NDUDU BY FAFA’s TWIST) THE PERFECT CORNED BEEF JOLLOF RICE RECIPE THE PERFECT KOOSE OR AKARA RECIPE (BLACK EYED BEANS FRITTERS) GRILLED CHICKEN WITH CHIMICHURRI DRIZZLE TASTIEST CHORIZO SAUSAGES & GREEN TOMATOES THE TASTIEST CHIMICHURRI SAUCE RECIPE EVER THE PERFECT ROASTED GUINEA FOWL RECIPE (AKONFEM) GHANAIAN COCONUT & GUINEA FOWL FRIED RICE RECIPE HOW TO PREPARE THE PERFECT COCONUT RICE (BASMATI RICE) WELCOME TO MY CREATIVE AFRICAN COOKING CHANNEL THE PERFECT GRILLED PERI PERI CHICKEN (NANDOS STYLE) THE BEST PIRI PIRI (PERI PERI) SAUCE & MARINADE ✔️NDUDU BY FAFA THE PERFECT JERK CHICKEN RECIPE PERFECTLY GRILLED SUMAC & SMOKED PAPRIKA INFUSED CHICKEN THE WEST AFRICAN SPICED POPCORN CHICKEN RECIPE How to cook the tastiest GHANAIAN CORNED BEEF and CABBAGE stew recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa THE PERFECT GHANAIAN FRIED CHICKEN RECIPE SMOKY AUBERGINE & MOZZARELLA BAKE AYAMASE & GHANA STEW COMBO. (Fusion of cultures) NUTRIENT PACKED TURMERIC LASSI RECIPE THE PERFECT KELEWELE RECIPE FROM GHANA(spicy fried Plantain cubes) recipe GHANAIAN JOLLOF RICE (WITH A TWIST) THE PERFECT WAAKYE & DOMEDO (SPICED PORK BELLY) RECIPE How to prepare the traditional WAAKYE (AYIMOLU) RECIPE✔️ Rice and Black Eyed Beans✔️Ndudu by Fafa WATERMELON, MINT & FETA SALAD GHANAIAN EGG STEW WITH BOILED YAM AROMATIC RASPBERRIES & GRAPEFRUIT JUICE REFRESHING RASPBERRY MOCKTAIL (A MUST TRY) THE GHANAIAN KENKEY MILK SHAKE RECIPE (ICE KENKEY) THE EASIEST WAY TO POACH A PERFECT EGG PLANTAIN WITH TOMATO & SHRIMP CHUTNEY HOW TO PREPARE THE PERFECT BANKU (Amokple) Easy ONE pot Fish Pie using Puff Pastry recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa HOW TO COOK THE PERFECT ROAST CHICKEN HOW TO BAKE THE PERFECT WHOLE FISH THE PERFECT PARTY JOLLOF RICE STUFFED GRILLED SARDINES RECIPE THE PERFECT GUACAMOLE RECIPE PERFECT TABLE SETTING PERFECT MANGO & AVOCADO SALSA WITH MASA (GLUTEN FREE) NDUDU S PERFECT ALASA MOCKTAIL (African Star Fruit juice) Quick and healthy Okra soup recipe THE PERFECT KORKLUI (Corn porridge from the Ewe tribe of Ghana). BE PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT YOU LOVE THE PERFECT HAUSA KOKO RECIPE (Spiced Millet porridge, (Alkaline and Gluten free) The first inventive way TO COOK THE PERFECT FUFU WITHOUT POUNDING ✔️ Cassava & Green Plantain PERFECTLY GRILLED TILAPIA RECIPE (GHANA STYLE ) NDUDU BY FAFA’S COOKERY SHOW HOW TO COOK THE PERFECT JOLLOF RICE RECIPE How to make Jollof rice TV CHEF (CHEF FAFA S COOKERY SHOW ON ABNTV) THE PERFECT SMOKY ABOM RECIPE ( Garden Egg / Aubergine sauce in an Asanka. ROCKY, MUDDY GHANAIAN CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE How to cook the perfect Tuna. All about Ndudu by Fafa How to make the perfect Kelewele Suya Beef recipe KALE AND GINGER SMOOTHIE HOW TO PREPARE THE PERFECT ZA ATAR FLATBREAD KOKO RECIPE (FERMENTED CORN MEAL PORRIDGE FROM GHANA) How to slow bake Pork ribs How to make the perfect Ghanaian Doughnut (Boflot) Ndudu’s Bambara beans recipe FRY RIPENED PLANTAIN THE PERFECT WAY KONTOMIRE STEW (SPINACH & AGUSHI ) Oil free Okra soup recipe Waakye Fried rice recipe POACHED PEARS IN SOBOLO (ZOBO) HIBISCUS DRINK TASTIEST GINGER & TAMARIND BREAD Creative African cooking HOW TO COOK THE PERFECT OKRO SOUP RECIPE ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa

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