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Ndudu coined from the word Nududu means food in my tribal Ewe language (from the Volta Region of Ghana), hence Ndudu by Fafa means Food by Fafa . Welcome to my explorative world of global cooking inspired by my Ghanaian heritage (thanks to my Mum) and the diverse cultures that London introduces me to on a daily basis.
Find the transcript of my recipes on my food blog;
Instagram @ndudu_by_fafa.

Receitas Ndudu by Fafa

Let’s make 3 plant based Milk recipes // Pistachios / TigerNuts/ Cashew Nuts ✔️ Vegan✔️Ndudu by Fafa

How to prepare the tastiest and healthiest Gari Fortor✔️Gari Jollof✔️Gluten free // Ndudu by Fafa

The only way you should cook your Tuna and Vegetables stew recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa

Quick Wagashi and Spinach stew✔️ A healthy Vegetarian West African dish ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa

How to prepare the tastiest Corned Beef stew each time ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa

A West African Red Curry ✔️Umami flavours✔️ How to use West African spices tutorial✔️?Ndudu by Fafa

How to make the perfect Stuffed Meat Potato Balls ✔️ Crunchy and delicious // Ndudu by Fafa

The easiest, ONE ingredient Evaporated Milk recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa

Let’s make the Ghanaian Chibom (Omelette) with salted Beef ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa

How to prepare the tastiest & crunchiest Southern Fried Chicken recipe ✔️ Explained in detail✔️Ndudu

How to make the tastiest Protein packed West African steamed spiced Beans ✔️MOINMOIN✔️Ndudu by Fafa

Incredible Vegan Plantain & Beans recipe ✔️ Yor-ke-Gari / Ayi kpl3 Abladzo ✔️Ndudu by Fafa

How to make a Traditional West African Pilaf rice recipe ✔️A healthier recipe ✔️ Ndudu by Fafa

How to make an all natural smoked Fish stock recipe✔️Ndudu by Fafa

Asparagus, Ginger & Pea soup recipe✔️Gluten free ✔️Vegetarian✔️Nutritious✔️ Ndudu by Fafa

How to be creative with Stale Bread //incredible recipe ideas✔️ Budget friendly snack✔️Ndudu by Fafa

Let’s make a No Yeast quick Dry Doughnut recipe ✔️Ndudu by Fafa

How to make homemade Condensed Milk ✔️2 ingredients ✔️Easy step by step guide✔️Ndudu by Fafa

KELEWELE✔️The classic Ghanaian spiced Plantain, snack ✔️Gluten free✔️Vegetarian✔️Ndudu by Fafa

Make this delicious WARM Asparagus shaving salad✔️ Quick & Nutritious✔️ Ndudu by Fafa

Is Ndudu by Fafa over? What’s next?

Easy Hand cut, Yam French Fries recipe ✔️works with Potatoes ✔️Ndudu by Fafa

Let’s cook a simple and perfect Steak✔️Ndudu by Fafa

How to make the perfect Corned Beef Ghana Meat Pie✔️Easy step by step guide ✔️NDUDU BY FAFA

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