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Hello Neighbors! We re all about that Korean cooking. Those homecook d Korean recipes. With a table full of banchans.
From our mini office-tel (studio) in Seoul, we create simple, easy-to-replicate cooking videos. Join us as we make authentic Korean BBQ, bibimbap and some wild veggie banchans. We upload new recipes weekly.
Well, don t be shy now! No experience needed. Just bring your appetite and a sense of humor ;)
-Daniel and Katie

Receitas Future Neighbor

Dakjuk - It s Korean Chicken Porridge | Simple Version - Don t Call Mom!

For Autumn: Korean Rice Balls - 3 Ways!

How to: Galchi Jorim | Korean Mom s Favorite!

How to: 1-Person Budae Jjigae | Korean Army Stew

How to: Modern Korean Hansik - Set C

How to: Korean Energy Bar!

How to: Ramen Fried Rice | Feed Your Inner Child!

How to: Gang Doenjang | My Healthy Meal! 강된장

Craving Bulgogi? Make The Mother Marinade | 15 Minutes... Done!

How to: Korean Birthday Breakfast!

How to: Creamy Asparagus Stir-fry!

How to: Korean Chicken Gizzard! 2 Ways

How to: Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe | Korean Salaryman’s Favorite!

How to: Korean Omija | Taste All 5 Basic Flavors?

How to: Kimchi Fried Rice - Fast, Simple & Hearty!

New Way to Jjapaghetti! Make Gan-jjajang in 10 minutes! 간짜장

How To: Grilled Egg Korean Curry

Perfect Over Rice: Korean Braised Potato! (Dynamite Gamja Jorim)

How to: Modern Korean Hansik - Set B

How to: Modern Korean Hansik - Set A

How to: Tamago Egg Sando! 卵サンド

How to: Beef & Broccoli Bowl | Best Chinese Takeout Recipe!

Meet Misugaru - Korea s Meal Replacement Drink

Late Night: Gochujang Stew! | 고추장찌개

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