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Hello friends... I m Syeda Lubna.. I welcome you all to my channel.. cooking is my passion. This channel is about tasty delicious and yummy food that can be made easily at home. I try to create videos that are really simple and easy!
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100% Guarantied Bilkul Road Jaisi Pani Puri Recipe ♥️ | Complete Recipe Of Pani Puri

Amchur Ki Khatti Mitthi Chutney Recipe ♥️ | Instant Meethi Chutney Recipe

Dhaba Style Shahi Paneer Recipe ♥️

Dukane Hai Band, Samosa Khane Ka Hai Mann To Aaj hi Banayein Aloo Samosa | Aloo Samosa Recipe ♥️

Lockdown Me Chaat Khane Ka ho Mann To Aaj hi Banayein Dahi Chana Chaat Recipe ♥️

Lockdown Me ho Rahein hain Bore To Banayein Ragda Patties Aur Street Style Chana Chaat Recipe ♥️

Unique Style Cheesy Bread Omelette Recipe ♥️ | Bread Omelette Recipe ♥️

Kabuli Chana Pulao Recipe ♥️ With Instant Salad| Easy And Quick Veg Pulao Recipe ♥️

Lockdown Me Chaat Miss Kar Rahein Ho To Aaj Hi Banayein Ye Recipe | Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe ♥️

Two Types Of Veg Cutlets Recipe ♥️ | Paneer Cutlets | Chinese Cutlets

Eggs With Potatoes And Tomatoes - Easy Afghani Omelette | Easy Breakfast Recipe ♥️

Teen Tarah Ke Barfi Aur Halwe Ki Recipe ♥️| Chana Dal Barfi | Rava Barfi | Chana Dal Halwa

Chicken Harissa Recipe ♥️ | Ramadan Special Recipe ♥️

Banoffee Pie Recipe ♥️ | Easy Dessert Recipe | Banoffee Pudding

Cheese Stuffed Aloo Kabab Recipe ♥️ | Ramadan Special Recipes By Cook with Lubna ♥️

Lock Down - Jab Kuch Samajh Na Aaye Tab Banaye Ye Sabzi ♥️ | Besan ke Ulte Pulte | Besan Dhokli

Spanish Omelette Recipe ♥️ | Easiest Breakfast Recipe| Tortilla De Patata

Kolkata Chicken Biryani Recipe ♥️

Two Easy Egg Snacks Recipe ♥️ | Egg Kabab | EGG PAKODA

Meethi Dahi Phulki Recipe ♥️

Famous Middle Eastern Dessert Basbousa Recipe ♥️ | Easiest way to make Basbousa

Veg Galouti Kabab Recipe ♥️ | Mouth Melting Veg Galawati Kabab Recipe

Stay At Home And Make Mcdonald Style Creamy Chicken Patty Burger Recipe ♥️

Butter Scotch Pudding Recipe ♥️ | Easy And Quick Dessert Recipe by Cook with Lubna

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