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Cooking with Dog is a YouTube cooking show featured by a canine host Francis and a mysterious Japanese Chef whose real name is not disclosed. While Chef cooks a variety of popular dishes in Japan, Francis calmly sits next to her and narrates the recipes step-by-step in English. He sometimes gets sleepy and closes his eyes but don t worry, you will still hear his voice. The show started in September, 2007. Now it has more than 280 episodes and currently publishes a video every weekend. Enjoy Chef s authentic Japanese cooking skills and Francis exotic Japanese accent.

Receitas Cooking with Dog

Chicken Pho Recipe (Japanese-inspired Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup) | Cooking with Dog

Dark Cherry Cheesecake Recipe in Spain’s Basque-style (Not-Burnt) | Cooking with Dog

Crab Cream Korokke Recipe (Japanese-style Fried Croquettes Filled with Seafood) | Cooking with Dog

Mushi Manju Recipe (Japanese Steamed Buns with Red Bean Paste Filling) | Cooking with Dog

Vegetable Mix Asazuke Recipe (Quick and Easy Japanese Pickle) | Cooking with Dog

Tantan Nabe Recipe (Pork and Vegetable Hot Pot with Dandan Noodles Soup) | Cooking with Dog

Motsu Nikomi Recipe (Pork Chitterlings and Vegetable Stew Using Pressure Cooker) | Cooking with Dog

We Miss You Francis (2002-2-6 - 2016-11-6) | Cooking with Dog

Easy White Cut Chicken and Aemono Recipe (Low-Temperature Cooked Chicken and Seasoned Ingredients)

Easy Chicken Char Siu and Tomato Tsukemen Recipe (Chicken Chashu and Ramen) | Cooking with Dog

Seafood Yakisoba Noodles Recipe (Stir-Fried Noodles with Shrimp Squid and Pork) | Cooking with Dog

Hearty Miso Soup Recipe (The Healthiest Japanese Food with Plenty of Vegetables) | Cooking with Dog

Nikujaga Recipe (Beef and Potatoes Stewed in Savory Soy Sauce Based Dashi Broth) | Cooking with Dog

Tai Kobujime Recipe (Red Sea Bream Cured with Kombu Seaweed) | Cooking with Dog

Kushikatsu Recipe (Deep-Fried Skewered Meat and Vegetables with Special Sauce) | Cooking with Dog

How to Boil a Fresh Giant Pacific Octopus Arm (Boiled Octopus Sashimi Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Francis’ Pudding Making Tour at Happy Pudding Mahakala in Nakameguro, Tokyo | Cooking with Dog

Shrimp Egg Tendon Recipe (Tempura Rice Bowl with Prawns and Vegetables) | Cooking with Dog

Octopus Tomato Spaghetti Recipe (Savory Sauce and Octopus Pasta with Zucchini) | Cooking with Dog

Chicken Tsukesoba Kamo Nanban-Style Recipe (Soba Noodles with Hot Dipping Broth) | Cooking with Dog

Easy Twice Cooked Pork Recipe (Sichuan-style Chinese Pork Belly Stir-Fry) | Cooking with Dog

The Best Cream Pan with Custard Filling Recipe (Japanese Sweet Buns with Pastry Cream)

Miso Nikomi Udon Recipe (Udon Noodles Simmered in Miso Broth with Chicken) | Cooking with Dog

Shio Chanko Nabe and Shio Butter Ramen Noodles Recipe (Sumo Wrestler Hot Pot) | Cooking with Dog

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